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Call for Papers
AMODERN 12: Alternative Print Technologies and Revolution

Edited by Thomas S. Mullaney and Andrew Amstutz

300-word proposals due: 31 March 2023
Drafts of 4000-8000 words due: 1 June 2023


What is the relationship of alternative print technologies to revolution? What revolutionary political opportunities and cultural imaginaries are made possible by non-typographic printing? In order to answer these questions, this CFP is interested in papers to join a special issue in Amodern on Alternative Print Technologies and Revolution that explores how non-typographic technologies have shaped cultural and political practices around the world. This special issue will expand upon Amodern‘s interdisciplinary focus on media, culture, and poetics by rethinking assumptions about the relationship of print to technological, political, and social revolution(s). In particular, we call for paper submissions that explore the dynamic interplay between revolution(s), broadly, construed, and non-typographic printing in those parts of the world where typographic printing was considered ill-suited to local writing systems and script cultures, including South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. We are interested in papers that investigate the relationship of non-typographic publishing networks to revolution from the early modern era to the present and how alternative print technologies beyond typography challenge assumptions about mass print culture. In particular, we encourage submissions that explore how marginalized communities deploy print technology and graphic media in unexpected and subversive ways. 

Scholars from Area Studies, Art History and Design, the History of Science and Technology, STS, Media Studies, History, Religious Studies, Anthropology, and Comparative Literature, among other fields, are welcome to apply. Scholars of all ranks are encouraged to apply. WE ENCOURAGE APPLICATIONS FROM EARLY-CAREER SCHOLARS (ABD PhD students through Assistant Professors).

Please send abstracts to:

tsmullaney [at] stanford [dot] edu 
amamstutz [at] ualr [dot] edu
amodernjournal [at] gmail [dot] edu



Ongoing Call for Papers


Peer-reviewed articles are the backbone of Amodern. Each issue will consist primarily of peer-reviewed articles on a specific topic or theme.


To propose an issue idea to the editors, please send an email to with the following information: Title; Significance / impact of topic; Description of the issue (number of articles, interviews, type and source of images); List of likely contributors; Relevant expertise of the editor(s); Work plan (including timelines).


Amodern publishes two kinds of interviews: article-length pieces, which may be submitted for an issue following the regular process, and feature-length interviews for our eponymous series, “The Amoderns.” Feature-length interviews are not normally accepted over the transom, but if you have something completed and unpublished that you think might be appropriate for an upcoming issue, you’re welcome to make an inquiry.


Each issue of Amodern showcases a small body of work by a particular artist or collective. To submit work for consideration, send us a URL to your portfolio and a short statement about the nature of your work.


We are interested in new forms for academic writing, such as the technical reports for communication in the Humanities that Nick Montfort describes in “Beyond the Journal and the Blog.” The “Reports” section of Amodern is primarily a venue for unvetted interdisciplinary discourse that prioritizes flexibility, urgency, and sharability.

Special Projects

We will be using Amodern to showcase other kinds of materials as well: audio, video, and documentary/archival materials. If you have a proposal for such a project that works well with an upcoming topic and it’s within your technical skills to produce and our technical means to support it, we’ll consider it. Please contact us for further details.

The editors may decide, with advance notice, to experiment with other formats for peer review in a digital networked milieu, including open peer review. Notices of any such changes in our peer review process will appear here.


Amodern uses Chicago Style with endnotes (bibliography incorporated into the notes). Please format all submitted papers accordingly.

Submitting to Amodern

Please send all submissions and queries to:

submissions [at] amodern [dot] net