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Authors | Burç Köstem

Burç Köstem (he/him) is a PhD candidate in Communication Studies at McGill University. His doctoral research "The Reactionary Complex" investigates the mutual production of reactionary sentiment and neoliberalism across the sites of urban construction, financial speculation and social media platforms in Turkey. His work has appeared in Theory, Culture & Society and Pli: the Warwick Journal of Philosophy.

Articles on Amodern by Burç Köstem


A Dialogue on Dylan Robinson’s Hungry Listening

Dylan Robinson's Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies emerges from encounters between Indigenous sound performance and Western art music. The book takes aim at the pernicious tendency for the latter to insist upon aesthetic assimilation as the end-goal of these encounters, which far too often means derogating the former’s ontologies and protocols of song. In this dialogue-review, members from the The Culture and Technology Discussion and Working Group (The CATDAWG) situate the book within sound studies and critiques of settler colonial listening, reflecting on the major conceptual contributions of the book such as sensate sovereignty, hungry listening, and critical listening positionality.