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Authors | Benjamin J. Robertson

Benjamin J. Robertson teaches classes on American literature, media studies, baseball, and elves in the English Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is working on two projects: Here at the End of All Things, on media, genre, and posthistory; and The Age of the World Playlist, on cultural production and consumption in the context of new media.

Articles on Amodern by Benjamin J. Robertson


To understand the future of scholarly writing and publication, we must understand that it came to be in the world under specific circumstances and might no longer be adequate to new circumstances as they arise. We can understand such historical circumstances according to Bernard Stiegler’s organology, which describes confluences of technical organs, human organs, and organizations. By describing the contemporary organology of scholarship and differentiating it from past organologies, we can work to produce new research and publication methods appropriate to changing cultural, political, social, and technical landscapes.