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Authors | Deanna Fong

Deanna Fong is a doctoral student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, where her research focuses on the intersections of performance, audio archives, literary communities and intellectual property. She is a member of the SpokenWeb team at Concordia University, who have developed a web-based archive of digitized audio recordings for literary study. She is currently developing digital interfaces for the audio/multimedia archives of Canadian poets Fred Wah and Roy Kiyooka.

Articles on Amodern by Deanna Fong


Audio-Textual Relations in UbuWeb, PennSound and SpokenWeb

This article proposes three models of audio-textual relations to illustrate varied responses to the problem of integrating sound and text in an online environment, each using a paradigmatic example as a case study. These models can be broadly termed modular (UbuWeb), situated (SpokenWeb) and constellatory (PennSound), to describe the projects’ organizational structure and aesthetic ethos. The article concludes with four suggested best practices for the design and functionality of digital audio archives that focus on how audio and text might ideally be integrated into a scholarly apparatus.