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Authors | Iain Baxter&

Iain Baxter&, the &MAN, has been described as the visual Marshall McLuhan of our times. He is Canada’s premier conceptual artist & is an Officer of the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario, & the Order of BC. He is a winner of the Molson and Iskowitz prizes & the Governors Generals Award in Visual & Media Arts – all for lifetime achievement. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, received five honorary doctorates & is University Professor Emeritus at the University of Windsor.

Articles on Amodern by Iain Baxter&


Iain Baxter&’s Art Project for Amodern is a new series of language art works encompassing his oral statements through an & (ampersand) speech bubble as tondos – regarding his influences from Harley Parker, Marshall McLuhan, Zen, Bagged Place, SFU, VSI, ECOARTVAN, his ideas about life, art, information, 0s & 1s, teaching, and finally the coming ANTROPOCEANE. The &MANS thoughts & speech is always another &.