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Kate Briggs is a writer and translator based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She is the translator of two volumes of Roland Barthes’s lecture notes at the Collège de France (both published by Columbia University Press), the author of Exercise in Pathetic Criticism and co-editor of The Nabokov Paper: An Experiment in Novel-Reading (both published by information as material). The Little Art, her book-length essay on the practice of translation will be published by Fitzcarraldo Editions in 2017.

Articles on Amodern by Kate Briggs


A Project

“Story the Story in It” tells the story of an ongoing reading, writing and research project which uses eye-tracking technology to record the first-time reading of a short story by Henry James, titled “The Story in It” (1902). The visual records this produced serve as the starting point for a series of reflections on the story itself, the difficulty of James’s sentences, the physiology of reading and the idiosyncratic paths we make through texts, as well as materials to generate further writing. The story told is one of reading, of trying to catch hold of reading, and then reading the record of reading in order to make something new – in an effort to locate the place where the actions of reading become (or are already) writing.