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Liam Young is a PhD candidate in Media Studies at The University of Western Ontario, where he writes and teaches on media materialism and communication. His current research, nearing completion, focuses on the list as a cultural technique of documentation and administration. A new project, under development, situates the Canadian School of Communication in relation to contemporary new materialism and the nonhuman turn. Recent writings appear or are forthcoming in Theory, Culture, and Society, and the Canadian Journal of Communication.

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An Archaeology of Form

This paper traces the list as a paradigmatic form of non-narrative inscription. The analysis uses tools from media archaeology to excavate layers in which the list is inscribed and encoded within larger networks and infrastructures – be they analog, digital, or imaginative. It isolates a constitutive tension at the heart of the form, first described by Eco (2009) regarding literary lists, between “everything included” and “etcetera,” and argues that by tracing this tension in the analog worlds of writing and representation we can learn much about the persistence of the list form in operational, digital milieu, wherein the very same processes and tensions are negotiated.