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Authors | Rory Solomon

Rory Solomon is an artist, software engineer and Adjunct Faculty at Parsons. In May 2013 he completed an MA in Media Studies at The New School. His artwork has been featured in the National Art Museum of China, Conflux Festival and Aronson Gallery; and he is tech lead for the Urban Research Tool: a web-based mapping platform for urban media archaeology research.

Articles on Amodern by Rory Solomon


Network Archaeology of/as the Stack

The stack is a crucial structure in computer software: a method of organizing code in memory when a program invokes subroutines, a schema that many algorithms use for managing data, and a diagram for conceptualizing how components of complex software systems interact. This paper introduces the stack as an apparatus beyond just a technical concept, positioning it as a structure that effects modes of power and knowledge formation in the age of software. The stack complements network archaeology’s focus on excavating deeper layers of technical media, but also challenges the tendency to essentialize these layers by inducing a mode of analysis always readily able to see another still lower level.