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Authors | Sarah Dowling

Sarah Dowling is the author of Translingual Poetics: Writing Personhood under Settler Colonialism, as well as three collections of poetry and numerous scholarly essays. Sarah teaches in the Centre for Comparative Literature and Victoria College at the University of Toronto, and serves as the Vice President of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present. Currently, Sarah is at work on a book about lying down in contemporary literature, which is forthcoming from Northwestern University Press.

Articles on Amodern by Sarah Dowling


In this special issue, we argue that the familiar narrative of the dematerialization of art since the mid-twentieth century has obscured procedural works’ significant relationships to the somatic and to the environment. The essays gathered here, individually and collectively, illuminate embodiment and emplacement as key stakes and concerns within the proceduralist tradition. They identify Cecilia Vicuña, Yoko Ono, Adrian Piper, and Bernadette Mayer as key practitioners of proceduralist aesthetics, and they discuss the material relationships between textualities and bodies within poetry, performance, pedagogy, and playable media.