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Authors | Wolfgang Ernst

Wolfgang Ernst is Full Professor of Media Theories at Humboldt University in Berlin. His research focus covers media archaeology, technologies of cultural transmission, micro-temporal media aesthetics, and sound analysis from a media-epistemological point of view. His recent books in English are Digital Memory and the Archive, edited and with an introduction by Jussi Parikka (University of Minnesota Press, 2013) and Sonic Time Machines: Explicit Sound, Sirenic Voices and Implicit Sonicity in Terms of Media Knowledge (Amsterdam University Press, forthcoming).

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A Feature Interview with Wolfgang Ernst

Wolfgang Ernst is one of the leading voices of media archaeology, a research field that has garnered a growing interest for its fresh theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of media. Ernst’s main contribution to media archaeology in the recent years has been a radical critique of history through a reflection on media temporalities. In this interview, Ernst proposes to understand media archaeology as an “exercise” for media studies scholars, a mode of attention that isolates the techno-logical components of media. As he addresses the technomathematical ontology of digital communication, the genealogy of symbolic machines and the question of humanism, Ernst offers here some more conceptual tools to help us navigate through his previous writings and to reflect on some of the new directions for media archaeology.